What is Pipe Lining?PH_Pipe_Diagram_01

Pipe Lining uses trenchless technology and requires little or no earthworks to deliver a fast and permanent solution for repairing blocked and damaged pipes. Traditionally pipes have been dug up and replaced; now Pipe Hunter offers a cleaner, cost effective alternative without the disruption of excavation.

Our pipe lining technology is so flexible that it can be used to reline continuous lengths of pipe or provide short patches, reline multiple bends, boundary traps or create one-piece junction repairs. Suitable for storm water or sewerage pipes, Pipe Hunter’s system can be applied to pipe diameters ranging from 40mm up to 300mm.

How does Pipe Lining work?”

  • CCTV is used to inspect and survey damaged pipes from existing access points
  • Pipes are then cleaned using high pressure water jets and prepared for relining
  • A liner is impregnated with epoxy resin and a deflated bladder is inserted into the liner
  • The liner is then inserted into the damaged pipe
  • Once in position, the bladder inflates and expands the liner to form the shape of the existing pipe
  • This creates a new pipe within the damaged pipe
  • The resin cures to form a permanent replacement pipe
  • The bladder is then removed to allow for immediate use of the pipe
  • The epoxy resin used in Pipe Hunter’s system is chemically engineered specifically for pipe lining. It has the structural properties of a PVC pipe, offering the same hardness and flexibility as PVC.

What are the advantages?

It’s the fast alternative

The use of trenchless technology means little or no excavation work is required. This results in minimal disruption to the surrounding area and faster job completion.

Pipe Hunter uses superior quality resins, engineered, manufactured and tested in Germany to ensure fast PH_Pipe_Diagram_02curing times and pipes that are ready for immediate use.

It’s the flexible option

Our pipe lining materials are structurally sound so they can span a range of pipe diameters, seamlessly line multiple bends and patch missing sections of pipe, all with the structural integrity of a permanent new pipe.

It’s a safer choice

By eliminating the need for destructive excavation, we are also eliminating the serious OH&S risks involved with operating heavy machinery and the risk of injury or death associated with deep excavation.

High quality materials and workmanship

Pipe Hunter only uses high quality, chemical resistant liners and styrene-free, non-toxic resins in our pipe lining process. Our high performance materials are engineered, manufactured and tested in Germany using world’s best practice and are ISO 9001 certified. All workmanship is guaranteed for 6 years*. [View Quality Certification – ISO 9001 & Quality Certification PDFs]

*Workmanship guarantee is provided by the Plumbing Industry Commission on jobs exceeding $750 in value.PH_Pipe_Diagram_03

It’s the cost effective solution

Excavating the area and replacing pipes is time consuming and expensive; using trenchless technology removes the need to dig and lowers labour costs. Pipe Hunter’s system means the job is completed quickly, cleanly and cost effectively.

Pipe Lining is the permanent solution

The combination of trenchless technology, years of experience and superior quality materials allow Pipe Hunter to provide long-term pipe lining solutions with minimal disruption to landscaping and paved areas.

Our high performance materials create a perfectly stable laminate layer within damaged pipes. This layer has the structural integrity of a new pipe; it can stand alone, even spanning voids in damaged pipes to create a new pipe within the old one. The result is a permanent repair to the damaged pipe, completed without excavating the surrounding area.