Trenchless technology introduces a new dimension in plumbing; removresin-pipes(1)ing the need to dig trenches and excavate sites to repair pipe problems. Pipe Hunter offers a low impact, permanent alternative to traditional pipe replacement methods.

If left unchecked, the potential for damaged pipes to affect our local environment is significant:

Leaking sewerage pipes may cause public health concerns and threaten local flora and fauna
Damaged water pipes can affect surrounding ground water levels, compromising the structural integrity of building foundations
Blocked pipes may create health risks at home or work via contamination from bacteria
Trenchless technology allows us to fix pipe problems with little or no digging and reduces the impact of plumbing works on landscaped areas, to flooring, paving or driveways and minimises the disruption to household routines. Pipe Hunter only uses superior quality products that are engineered, manufactured and tested in Germany using world’s best practice and are ISO 9001 certified. Our pipe lining system offers a long-term solution using high performance materials including styrene free, non-toxic resins that are designed to minimise any impact on our environment.