Trenchless technology introduces a new dimension in plumbing; removing the 1379952_303811879758293_806476086_nneed to dig trenches and excavate sites to repair pipe problems. Pipe Hunter offers a low impact, permanent alternative to traditional pipe replacement methods.

What causes blocked and damaged pipes?

The lifetime of a pipe is naturally limited. Material fatigue, chemical substances, earth movements and strain will inevitably lead to damaged pipes, over time. Modern pipe systems generally last longer due to improvements in technology; however pipes will break down with increased traffic, construction works and ground movement caused by wet or dry seasons. Cracks or breaks in pipes can allow tree roots to enter. These may block pipe flow or allow water to leak into the sub-soil and compromise the structural integrity of building foundations.

What are some symptoms of blocked and damaged pipes?

  • Water draining slowly in sinks and hand basins
  • Toilets not flushing waste effectively
  • Toilet bowls filling and water receding slowly
  • An unpleasant odour around bathrooms and toilets
  • Drains overflowing outside

Why is Pipe Lining the solution?

Pipe Lining uses trenchless technology that requires little or no earthworks to deliver a fast and permanent solution for repairing blocked and damaged pipes. Traditionally pipes have been dug up and replaced; now Pipe Hunter offers a cleaner, cost effective alternative without the disruption of excavation.

Our pipe lining technology is so flexible that it can be used to reline continuous lengths of pipe or provide short patches, reline multiple bends, boundary traps or create junction repairs. Suitable for storm water or sewerage pipes, Pipe Hunter’s system can be applied to pipe diameters ranging from 40mm up to 300mm.

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