What is Smoke Testing?

Smoke testing uses non-toxic, odourless smoking candles to detect leaks caused by broken pipes, bad connections, open pipes or fittings. Unusual odours are usually the first indication of a faulty stormwater or sewer pipe. As these pipes are often installed under buildings, roads or landscaping, the problem can be difficult to locate. Our testing technique produces a dense white smoke that is distributed through the pipes, under low pressure. It fills the pipe system and escapes from problem areas, such as cracked or broken pipes, revealing the source of the leak. Smoke testing has become a world standard detection practice as it is a fast, efficient and cost effective testing technique.

What are the Advantages?

Smoke testing is simple to apply and a high visibility detection system for ‘difficult to locate’ leaks. The system uses a non-corrosive, non-toxic, odourless smoking technique to identify defects within sewer or storm water pipes. Suitable for residential or industrial pipe systems, the smoke is non-staining and quickly isolates the problem. If a leak is caused by cracked or broken pipes, Pipe Hunter offers non-invasive options, such as pipe relining to repair the pipe system.PipeHunter_SmokeDiagram